This song makes me want to step on a thousand shirtless men while wearing high heals

Hmm weird how Tumblr loves this but Blurred Lines is a no no….hmmm…odd…

song about violently murdering males = great wonderful catchy funny empowering

blurred lines = literally rape, ban it everywhere and murder robin thicke 

are you like completely ignoring the context of this song? it’s a song from a film about women in jail for murder. it’s not just a song played on the radio for money/lolz like “hahahaha let’s kill all men”. the film itself is placed in a PRISON and it’s about pop culture how it can make anyone a start, even murderers.

blurred lines is a song made by a person living in a culture that makes it ok to sexually assault women. that song is so ok that it is played over and over again in the radio. our culture made it ok to make a guy that writes a song about literal sexual assault a star. only this time, it’s not a film, it’s real life.

i was waiting for someone to correct this thank you friend

No one’s saying we should fake being barbers and start selling people as food, either.  Context seems kiiiiiinda important